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Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship for 60+ Years

Through more than six decades of evolving industries, economies, regulatory environments and business processes, the Safeguard team has garnered an uncanny ability to identify game changers and build market leaders. At the core endures the spirit, vision and resilience of the American Entrepreneur.


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Humble Beginnings

Starting in 1953 as Lancaster Corporation, our “Humble Beginnings” endured political and economic uncertainties and capitalized on tremendous technological and scientific advances. What began as a small holding company with a niche purpose evolved into an established market force with multiple subsidiaries and a track record of impressive financial achievements.


The Art of Evolution

Established and successful, Safeguard Industries continued on its corporate journey through a period of rapid discovery and technological breakthrough. As the technological world evolved, Safeguard remained a step ahead, anticipating changes and positioning itself to capitalize on the rapidly evolving terrain. Safeguard Industries entered this period in 1969 as a leader in automotive replacement parts and business systems, and emerged in 1981 as Safeguard Scientifics—a differentiated capital provider focused on the high technology markets.


Building on Strengths

Building upon the strong foundation of its model, its team and its network, Safeguard Scientifics entered its third decade with great confidence. Safeguard Scientifics began this period in 1982 by deploying capital in the nascent biotechnology market, and carried on this innovative mindset as shareholders benefited from Safeguard’s very first subscription rights offering in 1985, a key feature of the Safeguard model for the next 10-15 years. In this chapter of its corporate story, Safeguard Scientifics significantly expanded its prominence and reach—all the while advancing economic growth in the Greater Philadelphia region.


The Golden Age

Having proven its model and left its mark on the Philadelphia region, Safeguard Scientifics entered the Golden Age of technology. Tech innovation was everywhere—and Safeguard Scientifics had the vision and resources to spot the most lucrative opportunities and create outstanding value for its shareholders. Amidst the rapid growth of its profitable empire, Safeguard gave back to its community and upheld its founding principles. The next phase of Safeguard’s journey would be a true test of its enduring value.


The Power of Focus

Safeguard Scientfics emerged from the ashes of the dot-com crash with the same spark of innovation that had brought the company success for nearly 50 years. With renewed focus, Safeguard Scientifics sold off its non-strategic assets, rebuilt and strengthened its platform and team, and began to search for the market leaders of tomorrow in the technology and life science markets. By the end of the decade, Safeguard had regained its footing, and realized a number of key deals that strengthened its balance sheet and positioned the company for future growth.


Back to the Future

Strengthened by the scars on its back and the deals under its belt, Safeguard Scientifics stepped into its future by reclaiming its past. In 2013, the company celebrated 60 years of innovation and honored the many members of its network. Since then, Safeguard has achieved some impressive exits, demonstrating the remarkable power of its platform. Today, Safeguard is positioned better than ever, leveraging the power of partnership to augment the visions of American entrepreneurs and build the market leaders of tomorrow. The story continues.