In line with its strong commitment to high technology areas, Safeguard Industries changed its name to Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. and created a more dynamic and versatile corporate mark. The new name and bold, new mark coincided with the emergence of the core differentiators that remain with Safeguard today.

“We are not conventional venture capitalists who make passive investments. We are operating people who lend our experience and talent to help entrepreneurs develop their businesses. We do not invest merely in companies. We invest primarily in entrepreneurs—highly talented managers who have a burning desire to achieve business success. We do not take a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to each new venture. Our flexibility in structuring our investments allows us to attract the unusual investment opportunity. We practice what we preach. We believe that good people are needed not only in our partner companies but also on the Safeguard corporate staff.”
— 1981 Safeguard Scientifics Annual Report

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