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Why We Chose Safeguard
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Our Strategic Partnership with Safeguard
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Why We Chose Safeguard
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We are a catalyst for growth.

Safeguard Scientifics understands that it takes more than just capital to build a great company.

Safeguard Fast Facts
  • 1953: Year Founded
  • 1967: Year Went Public on AMEX
  • 1971: Year Started Trading on NYSE
  • 100+ M&A Transactions
  • 20+ IPOs
  • $353M of Capital Deployed Since January 2006*
  • $646M of Capital Realized Since January 2006*

* As of 12/31/12

As a visionary for the development of growth-stage healthcare and technology companies, Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE: SFE) is a proven partner for entrepreneurs looking to accelerate growth and build long-term value in their businesses.

Leveraging Safeguard’s rich and colorful history of building market leaders, along with our team’s collective operational expertise and successful entrepreneurial endeavors, Safeguard has built a powerful—and actionable—platform of resources to support our partner companies with strategies and relationships most vital for success. We provide value that extends beyond capital and work as a team to foster growth.

How are we different?

Our track record spans six decades of innovation.

Since 1953, Safeguard has provided capital, management expertise and operational support to hundreds of high-growth, entrepreneurial companies, deploying billions of dollars and creating billions in market value through well-timed exits of those holdings.

Fostering numerous success stories over the years, our strong reputation and viability enable us to generate better deal flow, attract accomplished entrepreneurs and top syndication partners, and gain access to the management and boards of Fortune 500 companies for various strategic and M&A opportunities.

Today, Safeguard is regarded as a catalyst for value creation for innovative healthcare and technology businesses and a key source of capital and strategic resources for entrepreneurs.

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We’ve been on both sides of the table. Our team’s strategic guidance is backed by real experience.

Safeguard's team has decades of deep domain expertise in healthcare and technology from our careers as entrepreneurs, board members, financiers and operators. We are well-versed in building businesses and achieving returns for shareholders, and act as active mentors to our partner companies—whether helping to build out management teams, prioritize strategic directions or execute initiatives with operational support.

Meet our team

Our flexible business model enables us to be patient partners.

Safeguard works together with our partner companies to determine a time frame that maximizes value and optimizes long-term goals. Unlike venture capital or private equity firms, we are not subject to the limits of the three-to-five year fundraising cycle and forced into a premature exit to return capital to limited partners. This affords us the opportunity to focus on building value and growing our partner companies at an appropriate pace.

See the benefits of our innovative approach

We provide an actionable platform to maximize value.

We don’t just talk about value—we deliver it. When you partner with Safeguard, you gain access to our powerful Access Platform. Designed to help you build value throughout every stage of growth, our platform provides you with strategic resources and access to industry expertise, talent recruitment, customers, partners, operational support, publicity and more.

Engage with Safeguard's Access Platform

We have a unique approach to identifying market leaders.

Safeguard focuses on key segments within the healthcare and technology industries. Within healthcare, we target companies focused on MedTech, including diagnostics and devices, HealthTech, including Heathcare IT, and specialty pharmaceuticals that have lesser regulatory risk and have achieved or are near commercialization. Within technology, we target companies focused on Digital Media, FinTech (Financial Technology) and Enterprise 3.0, which includes mobile technology, cloud, the Internet of Things and big data, that have transaction-enabling applications with a recurring revenue stream.

Our diversified focus exploits the growth and counter-cyclicality of the healthcare and technology sectors, providing opportunities for Safeguard's shareholders to realize value more consistently as compared to companies focused primarily on one specific sector.

What we look for

We are a public company.

Safeguard’s status as a publicly traded, New York Stock Exchange-listed holding company enhances transparency for shareholders, ensuring accurate quarterly and annual progress reports via SEC Filings, quarterly earnings, analyst reports and equity conference participation. Additionally, Safeguard complies with requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Venture funds and most private equity firms do not have to comply with the same regulations that apply to public companies.

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We believe that collaboration fosters innovation.

Visionaries and entrepreneurs thrive through collaboration. That is why we’ve created a social community for Safeguard and our partner companies to network and dynamically search and share ideas.

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As company builders, we help entrepreneurs realize VALUE.

Safeguard’s current management team has deployed more than $351M of capital in its partner companies since January 2006. We have also built value and realized more than $646M through well-timed exit transactions from current and legacy partner companies and private-equity holdings that represented transactions undertaken by Safeguard’s current and previous management teams. Our partner companies have been acquired by industry leaders like GE Healthcare, Shire, Eli Lilly, Oracle and McKesson, to name a few.

Throughout our 60 year history, we have successfully completed more than 100 M&A transactions and more than 20 IPOs. Safeguard continues to build value in tomorrow’s market leaders, many of whom are in our current family of innovative partner companies.