You’ve given everything to make your vision a reality.
So will we.

Safeguard provides capital and operational expertise to emerging and growth-stage healthcare and technology enterprises that are developing innovative products and services.

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You have a tireless passion for your business. We will too.

Our team works collaboratively with entrepreneurs to build value and scale their companies. The late nights, early mornings, strategic discussions, and shared wins. We’re in it together.

Safeguard brings great energy to our business. They ask challenging questions, provide invaluable perspectives, and are always helping us think strategically about where we should (and need) to go.

– Jeffrey R. Luber, President and CEO, Good Start Genetics

Your innovation is unlike any other. Your partner should be too.

We’ve started companies. We’ve raised capital. We know what entrepreneurs need to succeed, because we’ve been on your side of the table and have walked in your shoes.

What has always separated Safeguard is a fierce commitment to innovation and the risk and reward of the American entrepreneur. We truly connect with the psyche of the entrepreneur.

– Stephen T. Zarrilli, President and CEO, Safeguard Scientifics

You’re poised for
the next level of success.
We will help you achieve it.

As a hub of commercialization, Safeguard connects your growth-stage company to the resources, strategic partnerships and customers you need to scale your business and become a market leader.

Safeguard’s operating experience and ability to understand how to help a company scale is unparalleled. Every startup needs to build that operating muscle at some point, and Safeguard brings the right DNA to support that.

– Sinclair Schuller, Co-Founder and CEO, Apprenda

You’ve proven the power of your vision. Now harness the power of ours.

We’re here to support game-changers like you—disruptive innovators who will leave a lasting impact on the world.

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