Cask: Accelerating the development and deployment of production Hadoop applications

Posted by | November 6, 2015

Data volumes are multiplying at an astronomical rate, making Hadoop—the industry standard open source software framework for large-scale data applications—an exceptionally fast growing market.

Cask Data, Inc. is the open source software company that helps developers deliver enterprise-class Apache® HadoopTM solutions more quickly and effectively. Yesterday, we announced that Safeguard led a $20 million Series B financing for Cask, having deployed $11 million.

Battery Ventures, Ignition Partners and other existing investors also participated in the round. Proceeds will be used to expand Cask’s platform enhancements and develop a broad sales team.

Cask accelerates the development and deployment of production Hadoop applications. Cask’s flagship offering, the Cask Data Application Platform (“CDAP”), provides an open source layer on top of the Hadoop ecosystem that adds enterprise-class governance, portability, security, scalability and transactional consistency. From Data Lakes to Data Apps, the CDAP platform is ideal for enterprise environments because it abstracts many layers of the Hadoop ecosystem, allowing developers to use their existing skills to build high-performance, large-scale Big Data applications. This dramatically accelerates development of applications and deployment into production, cutting average time to implement by more than 80%, while retaining the operational controls required by today’s enterprise customers.

Major customers and partners include AT&T, Cloudera, Salesforce, Pet360 and Lotame.

We are really pleased to get this opportunity to work with the Cask team. Jon Gray (Founder/CEO), Nitin Motgi (Founder / CTO) and the entire Cask team are very respected in the open source Hadoop community for their contributions and leadership in the build out of enterprise capabilities for Hadoop. Cask is transactional, scalable, portable, governable, open, and secure.

Cask’s combination of deep technical capabilities, strong financial growth and enterprise class customer traction makes the company a leader in the market and an exciting addition to Safeguard’s portfolio.

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