Winning the Digital Disruption Game: Answering the ‘CAST’ing Call

Posted by | March 7, 2017

This post originally appeared on on March 6th, 2017. 

By: Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research, Salesforce and Scott Snyder, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.

It was once a compliment to say that an organization was “a well-tuned machine,” but recent history is telling a different story. Those who achieved market leadership by building massive, high performing organizations and infrastructure now struggle to adapt in an age of digital disruption. As power shifts to empowered digital users, served by fast emerging tech giants who win on engaging experiences, traditional enterprises need to change their game to stay relevant. 

When Jeff Immelt declared that the data coming from the equipment GE delivers will soon be worth more than the equipment itself, he created a mandate for driving digital innovation as a foundation for GE’s future business model. Likewise, when Francisco Gonzalez, the mercurial Chairman of BBVA, set the vision for a two-speed business model that could support rapid digital experimentation while continuing to deliver operational excellence in the core business, he likened it to “changing the tires on a truck still in motion.” Beyond the declaration by leaders like these that transformation is necessary, winning organizations are answering a new “CASTing call” — creating offerings and experiences that are Connected, Aware, Smart, and Trustworthy, enabling them to meet the rising expectations of customers, employees, and citizens in every segment of society.

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