Week in Review: Olympics Go Mobile and Social

Posted by | July 27, 2012

Today, the Summer Olympic Games open in London, kicking off 16 days of athletic performance that will reveal the best in the world in 32 disciplines. But perhaps the most compelling achievement at the games will be the innovations in mobile broadcasting and social media that will make the 2012 Olympics more accessible and collaborative than any other Olympic Games.

About a quarter of the 4 billion expected viewers will watch the games on computers, tablets, or phones, eMarketer reports. That means more digital advertising. And in fact, digital ad sales have nearly tripled since 2008. NBC and the London 2012 committee have built a variety of apps to give viewers different levels of access to the games, from results to live video and full replays for every event.

The influence of social media will be on display on The Olympic Athletes’ Hub, which helps viewers find and follow their favorite competitors on Twitter and Facebook. NBC and Twitter have partnered to curate tweets from Olympic athletes, coaches, and journalists. NBC has also partnered with Facebook to more closely integrate its television coverage with viewers’ interests, including, for example, a “Facebook Talk Meter” to draw in the most popular conversations, which will then become the subjects of broadcast segments.

The games have yet to begin, but they already deserve gold for their social and mobile efforts. Our partner companies have also been busy with advancements in their respective businesses. Here’s the latest:

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