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We are a different kind of capital provider, delivering a different kind of experience for entrepreneurs.


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Smart Capital

It starts with capital, but it doesn’t end there. We realize that every path to success is different, and the patient capital we deliver empowers companies to grow at the pace that maximizes their value.

we work together


Growing a company takes a village – we know, because we’ve done it before. We work collaboratively with and for companies as a trusted partner for accelerating growth.

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Network Connections

Leveraging our vast network of relationships, we open doors and make well-timed introductions to potential customers and strategic partners that can take each growing business to its next level of success.

Discover the Power of Our Network

Domain Expertise

Our team includes domain experts who are natives in the markets our partner companies seek to revolutionize and transform. Their insights empower each company to fortify its strategic vision and propel it forward.

Operational Support

We deliver operational support in every major functional area to help our partner companies as they scale their innovations, protect their intellectual property, and engage their market.

proven track record

Proven Track Record

For more than 60 years, Safeguard has been synonymous with entrepreneurship and innovation. Technology has played a leading role in transforming virtually every sector of our economy over that time, and we have proven our ability to successfully spot and foster the next disruptive innovations.

Experience a History of Growth