Why Zipnosis?

Zipnosis partners with health systems nationwide to provide a white-labeled virtual care platform, offering patients convenient access to care while improving clinician efficiency. Zipnosis guides health systems through the virtual care journey and guarantees launch of their virtual care platform in just 60 days. Patients are treated through video, telephone and adaptive online interviews—with available pharmacy and lab integration.

Market Opportunity

The market size for virtual care can be estimated with the addressable number of ambulatory care visits and the fee charged for those visits. There are 1.25B outpatient care visits in the United States per year, and we estimate that 1/3 of these will be suitable for virtual care. For the fee, we use the more conservative figure of $30, since this is the midpoint of Zipnosis’ health system customers’ current prices. Combining these two numbers – approximately 400M addressable ambulatory visits at $30/visit – yields a market size of over $10 billion.

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Company Milestones

  • Zipnosis launches ZipTicket™ virtual boarding pass for patient access to in-clinic lab tests
  • Zipnosis partners with Fairview Health Systems to develop a care coordination service to prevent chronic conditions
  • Zipnosis Announces Claims Processing with Client MultiCare Health System and Integration Partner PokitDok