Why WebLinc?

WebLinc is a commerce platform and services provider for the fastest growing online retailers.

WebLinc’s modern, agile technologies and strategic expertise empower companies running global, omnichannel commerce operations, and enable retailers to consistently outpace the competition. WebLinc’s industry-leading commerce platform creates solutions that are a unique reflection of your brand, your customers, and the experience you want them to have.

While WebLinc always starts by getting the online shopping experience exactly right—that’s just the start. WebLinc backs that up with merchandising tools that increase traffic and page views; a discount and promotions engine that leads to higher conversions; recurring order tools to drive sales through easy repeat purchasing; and an innovative mobile and social integration capabilities.

The WebLinc Commerce Platform turns the complicated business requirements of omnichannel commerce into simple solutions. With a powerful, human-friendly site management experience backed up by a technology stack engineered to scale with your business, WebLinc offers technology to help make your life easier and your customers happier.

Market Opportunity

According to comScore, eCommerce grew at a rate of 13% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2014, while offline retail was nearly flat, achieving 1% growth from the year before. WebLinc is positioned to continue helping business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies provide the omnichannel experience that customers now expect.

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Company Milestones

  • WebLinc launches ZomBeacon, one of the first mobile iOS games to incorporate iBeacon
  • WebLinc partners with International Checkout to broaden international reach
  • WebLinc partners with Listrak to provide retailers with enhanced shopper insights
  • WebLinc partners with Jagged Peak to improve online retailers' order management and fulfillment processes
  • WebLinc partners with Kount for online retailers' fraud protection and risk mitigation
  • WebLinc partners with Avalara to offer sales tax automation to online retailers
  • WebLinc partners with Clutch to provide real-time customer intelligence
  • WebLinc partners with Jirafe to bring actionable customer data to online retailers
  • WebLinc launches the exclusive Solutions Partner Network
  • Demac Media joins exclusive WebLinc Solutions Partner Network
  • WebLinc partners with ChannelAdvisor to offer WebLinc clients a pre-built integration with ChannelAdvisor
  • WebLinc acquires order management system Orderbot
  • WebLinc Unveils Workarea Brand, Boosts Performance of Online Retailers

Turning complicated business requirements of omnichannel commerce into simple solutions.