Why Transactis?

Transactis is a leading provider of electronic billing and payment solutions. Its cloud-based electronic bill presentment and payment platform, BillerIQ, is a white-labeled solution that is offered “as-a-service,” enabling businesses to rapidly and securely deliver electronic bills, invoices and documents as well as accept payments online, by phone and via mobile devices. The Company goes to market exclusively with resellers—financial institutions, technology companies, printers and business process outsourcers—and acts as a full-service business partner, providing a comprehensive suite of sales, marketing, technical and operational support in conjunction with secure, configurable, white-label solutions.

Market Opportunity

Fewer than 25% of bills are presented electronically in the U.S.; the majority of 1990s-vintage technology and products are on-site at a single biller and are client-server oriented. The channel-oriented model Transactis employs features up-to-date SaaS infrastructure and is positioned to grow with an EBPP market that is expected to expand at a 12% CAGR through 2020 (Payments Industry Intelligence).

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Company Milestones

  • Transactis appoints Alex Reznik as CTO
  • Transactis appoints Scott Dickey as COO
  • Transactis achieves HIPAA compliance to bring additional security to clients with medical information
  • Transactis partners with Nordis Direct to expand Nordis Direct's Expresso platform to include secure e-billing and payment services
  • Transactis partners with Mutual of Omaha Bank to expand the bank's treasury management offerings
  • Capital One, Fifth Third, PNC, TD and Wells Fargo invest in Transactis
  • Transactis partners with Walletron for Mobile Wallet Billing and Payment

Secure electronic billing and payment solution for large and small businesses.