Why T-REX Group?

T-REX is a financial services company that offers a secure, SaaS enterprise analytics, risk and portfolio management platform to global investment banks, allowing them to finance, securitize and manage historically esoteric assets efficiently and transparently across multiple asset classes including renewables. Through T-REX’s secure, proprietary platform, investors, asset managers and developers are empowered to efficiently and transparently finance, securitize and manage their assets. The Company provides valuation and risk analysis tools that allow users to unveil investment opportunities for the hundreds of billions of dollars of capital currently seeking exposure in these sectors.

Market Opportunity

By 2021, the market for structured product analytics tools is expected to exceed $1.4 billion. Today, at major financial institutions, there are fragmented, non-standardized software solutions that are currently being used across the majority of asset classes, giving T-REX a large opportunity to streamline operations for these players. As software spend on financial markets infrastructure for structured products increases, solutions for additional asset classes are currently under development.

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Company Milestones

Unlocking investment opportunities for various asset classes.