Why Sonobi?

Sonobi is an ad technology company that builds innovative solutions to bring addressability, quality and scale to the advertising market. The Company’s JetStream technology helps unify comScore 250 publishers and Fortune 500 advertisers in their efforts to collaborate, create and deliver more effective communication plans upfront and guaranteed, by bringing the sophistication of data-driven, algorithmic buying technology formerly relegated to the RTB market to the un-disrupted premium market. This allows publishers to maintain control of negotiations as well as pricing control during the execution of sales and enables buyers to leverage publisher audience data retrieved from proprietary integrations with the publishers.

Market Opportunity

The premium online advertising market is anticipated to grow to $43 billion (eMarketer), a market in which programmatic technology has not yet been fully applied. Sonobi is well positioned to develop this important advertising segment, with strong technology, synergistic partnerships, a high-quality publisher base and a growing pipeline.

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Company Milestones

  • Sonobi partners with MediaMath to enable premium programmatic media buying
  • Sonobi partners with Omnicom Media Group’s Annalect Group to power a one-to-one publishing solution
  • Sonobi partners with Merkle to expand Merkle's people-based buying capabilities
  • Sonobi establishes a corporate presence in Europe

Creating more effective advertising and better connections between people and brands.