Why QuanticMind?

QuanticMind provides a SaaS-based, next generation Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”) platform for Paid Search that develops ad management point solutions through machine learning algorithms, distributed cloud computing and in-memory processing to yield better search results for clients. The platform incorporates predictive optimization of keyword advertising campaigns, workflow automation, ad creation management & optimization and real-time reporting, and integrates with most major search engines globally, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Through this solution, QuanticMind is able to deliver an intelligent and scalable platform for maximizing advertising performance for enterprises.

Market Opportunity

QuanticMind competes in the digital advertising management sector, a large, established market with a well-defined competitor set. The market opportunity is estimated at more than $15 billion annually.

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Company Milestones

  • QuanticMind expands team with Justin Smith, Vice President of Data Science
  • QuanticMind joins Microsoft Bing Elite Partner Program