Moxe Health

Why Moxe Health?

Moxe Health was founded with a vision to enable bi-directional data exchange through its key product, Substrate, directly linking payers and their provider networks.

By integrating insurer data using industry standard processes, Moxe Health allows providers to incorporate claims, risk and other payer data into their own analytic efforts, allowing clinicians to better understand patient risks and deliver value-based care. As the market evolves to include further stakeholders, Moxe Health will aid efforts to operationalize data originating from all corners of the healthcare ecosystem.

To combat a widening disconnect between insurers and healthcare providers, Moxe Health democratizes access to information. With an established client base, Moxe Health has moved into an industry-leading position, meeting healthcare’s demand for the seamless exchange of clinical data among key stakeholders. Moxe Health requires minimal hours of implementation effort from providers, greatly reducing the administrative burden of integration.

The payer-provider dynamic in healthcare is drastically shifting, and there’s value being harvested from companies, and tools, serving as the conduit. Moxe Health has developed a vendor-agnostic solution primed to capitalize on a demand for real-time access to comprehensive clinical data. By connecting various databases together, Moxe Health facilitates a more holistic view of patient health.

Company Milestones

Making healthcare data inform, enlighten, and make a difference.