Moxe Health

Why Moxe Health?

Moxe Health provides a clinical data clearinghouse, creating a two-sided marketplace by facilitating the bi-directional exchange of clinical, analytic, and administrative data between health systems and payers. Its key product, Substrate, serves as an electronic medical record integration platform, facilitating the real-time exchange of clinical, analytic, and administrative data between payers and their provider networks for risk adjustment and other use cases. Moxe’s second product, Convergence, creates a customer portal directly in the provider’s EMR workflow, allowing payers to share data and actionable insights directly with physicians. As Moxe’s network grows, it will be able to create use cases for patients, providers, and pharma.

Market Opportunity

Per industry reports, the Healthcare IT interoperability market is $1.9B with a 7.4% CAGR through 2024, the Healthcare analytics market is $8.9B with a 27% CAGR through 2022, and the value-based care / population health management software market is expected to reach $32B by 2020.

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Company Milestones

Making healthcare data inform, enlighten, and make a difference.