Why MediaMath?

MediaMath is a global ad technology company that provides a platform enabling advertising agencies to optimize their display advertising spend across ad exchanges (marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers of display ads) via an algorithmic trading platform. Amidst inherent inefficiency in the market today, as buyers attempt to navigate multiple exchanges, the Company’s media buying platform, TerminalOne, effectively integrates all of the exchanges under one platform, thereby filling a deep demand for intelligent buying. This leads MediaMath to be a conduit for every transaction and provides the Company with the ability to analyze every transaction, identify inefficiencies within the market and ultimately provide an automated optimization engine to maximize performance for ad agencies. The Company offers its platform as both a Managed Service and a Self-Service SaaS Platform, both of which offer extensive analytic and reporting capabilities for measuring performance.

Market Opportunity

According to eMarketer, worldwide digital ad spending is expected to reach $270 billion in 2018 and represents 38% of total paid media outlays. Spend is expected to see double-digit growth through at least 2020.

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Company Milestones

  • MediaMath launches Partner Marketplace, OPEN, for marketer education
  • MediaMath appoints Erich Wasserman as Global CRO
  • MediaMath expands global footprint with Singapore office opening
  • MediaMath partners with Sonobi to enable premium programmatic media buying
  • MediaMath partners with Yahoo, Microsoft and iSocket to launch automated guaranteed premium media buying within TerminalOne
  • MediaMath acquires Tactads, provider of cookieless and cross-device targeting technologies
  • MediaMath launches Twitter Tailored Audiences app to reach target consumers on Twitter
  • MediaMath partners with Eyeota to deliver enhanced audience insights and targeting in APAC and EMEA
  • MediaMath raises $175M in Series C financing with participation from Safeguard Scientifics
  • MediaMath expands global footprint with Australia office opening
  • MediaMath announces the opening of a new office in Paris
  • MediaMath partners with Pervorm to enhance programmatic media buying capabilities
  • MediaMath partners with DataXpand to enhance global data and targeting capabilities
  • MediaMath acquires social advertising platform Upcast
  • MediaMath acquires audience matching technology Rare Crowds
  • MediaMath launches TerminalOne app featuring Nielsen online campaign ratings data
  • MediaMath expands global operations with new office in Madrid
  • MediaMath acquires programmatic advertising company Spree7
  • MediaMath launches Helix™, its proprietary data business unit
  • MediaMath partners with Cuebiq to offer geo-behavioral targeting solutions
  • MediaMath partners with Factual to launch hyperlocal offering
  • MediaMath partners with Mobilewalla to help marketers reach larger mobile audience
  • MediaMath reorganizes its executive team for 'the next phase'
  • MediaMath secures $175M Credit Facility