Why Lumesis?

Lumesis provides analysis, benchmarking and compliance tools for the municipal bond market. On account of Dodd Frank legislation in the early 2010s and an implosion of the muni bond issuers, financial institutions have been required to remove ratings from their risk and compliance models and conduct bottoms-up analyses on muni bonds, like other credits. However, there are no robust commercialized fundamental analysis or compliance tools in the muni market, only portfolio management and price discover tools. Lumesis fills this void. The Company’s solutions enable portfolio managers, investment advisors, compliance professionals, financial advisor networks and issuers / underwriters to heat map portfolios against local economic scenarios, benchmark against industry indices, manage their portfolios against internal credit and risk models, and monitor issuer disclosures.

Market Opportunity

The municipal bond market has doubled in size over the past 10 years. The Company estimates that its current addressable market to this customer base is approximately $1 billion on an annual basis.

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Company Milestones

  • Lumesis partners with TMC Bonds to offer DIVER Advisor suite to TMC's trader network
  • Lumesis launches its Data Solutions offering as an a la carte offering for data delivery and custom analysis
  • Lumesis partners with MBIS to broaden access to municipal bond pricing information
  • Lumesis partners with Bitvore to launch a single platform for municipal bond intelligence and surveillance
  • Lumesis partners with Ipreo to deliver a solution for time-of-trade disclosure regulations
  • Lumesis partners with Pershing LLC to integrate into Pershing’s BondCentral® Platform
  • Lumesis partners with Build America Mutual to improve access to muni bond information
  • Lumesis launches DIVER Underwriter solution for the municipal bond market

Municipal bond market business efficiency and compliance solutions.