Full Measure Education

Why Full Measure Education?

Full Measure Education is a technology company dedicated to the higher education industry. Its mission is to help every student enroll, complete and attain a career that pays a family-sustaining wage.

Full Measure Education keeps students fully engaged, informed and motivated to persist through the entire student lifecycle—from initial admission, to completion, to career. They use innovative technology to put every student on a personal education plan and then keep him or her on it. Their campus-unified solution provides everyone who has a stake in student success—including faculty, staff and advisors—with a 360-degree view of each student so they can provide guidance exactly when needed.

Full Measure Education’s team includes co-founders from Blackboard and Presidium, in addition to experts from higher education, technology, and the live services industry. They’ve built a seasoned staff of education and technology leaders who know how to solve complex problems with smart solutions at scale. Their experience includes building systems to manage enterprise technology at more than 4,000 higher education clients worldwide, and answering nearly ten million inbound student phone calls for assistance.

Market Opportunity

In the community and junior college markets, there are more than 1,132 colleges. The average revenue per community college is $56 million, which means that the total annual revenue for the community and junior colleges market is approximately $60 billion. These colleges spend $2.5 billion of their budgets on student services, which is the opportunity that Full Measure Education targets.

Company Milestones

  • Full Measure Education launches student-facing mobile application to its first institution
  • Full Measure Education partners with ANZ solutions provider Edalex
  • Full Measure Education and NJEdge Join Forces to Improve Student Engagement and Outcomes

Providing post-secondary institutions an easy, holistic approach to personalize every student’s path to success.