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Posted by | November 1, 2016

The National Retail Foundation estimates sales of more than $650 billion during November and December 2016 combined, with nearly $117 billion attributed to online sales.[1] The numbers may be staggering to consumers, but to retailers, these are just baseline measurements for what the future has in store.

While online retail sales are increasing, it’s not quite at the rate of one often over-looked metric: web-influenced offline sales. Defined as the consumer journey that begins from digital platforms and ends with a transaction in a physical store, in 2016 alone, Deloitte has found that “$1.7 [trillion] in brick & mortar sales are generated from digital influence.” Today, most consumers still want to touch and feel (or demo) a product before buying, opening the door for our company, Brickwork.

Today, we celebrate our 3rd Anniversary. In less than three years, we’ve developed a platform to help retailers convert more casual web browsers into physical store traffic, ultimately capturing sales during the in-person shopping experience. The technology tethers the two worlds together, incorporating search engine optimization, appointment scheduling with store reps and key demographic targeting. Joining forces with early adopters like Urban Outfitters and J. Crew, we’re paving a clear path for a new generation of digitally-savvy, experience-driven consumers.

Two trends are breaking in consumers’ favor this year, as online-only retailers begin to open up brick and mortar locations and e-commerce priorities dominate digital sites. Previously exclusive to the Internet, brands like Warby Parker and Bonobos have filled densely-populated city markets in recent years. Additionally, per Gartner research, digital commerce software purchases are expected to increase by approximately $2.7 billion during the next three years. It’s an industry with tremendous potential, all leading to an integrated omnichannel customer experience, where it’s easier to navigate to the register.

Now backed by Safeguard Scientifics with a $5 million Series A round, Brickwork is ready to take its vertical SaaS solution to the next level, ramping up sales and marketing efforts to reach new prospective customers. Thanks to the support of the Safeguard team, including Managing Director, Erik Rasmussen, who will be joining our board of directors, Brickwork is magnetizing consumers to retailers and improving commerce opportunities for the entire industry. In a highly competitive arena, where retailers need to seamlessly blend an online and offline presence, it’s imperative to have new ways to market to busy consumers. Armed with a much-needed partner like Safeguard, we’re ready to build on a strong foundation and deliver innovation to every type of retailer.


[1] National Retail Foundation, 2016 Holiday Shopping Trends


Guest Blog Post By: David Munczinski, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Brickwork

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