Tomorrow’s Healthcare Innovation, Today’s Work at Safeguard

Posted by | January 17, 2014

No industry is more ripe for change than healthcare in the America. Hindered by payer models that for too long rewarded procedures and prescriptions, healthcare is now transforming under new approaches that place patients at the center of the healthcare ecosystem and elevate quality and outcomes over quantity and volume.

This new focus represents a genuine attempt to rework the American healthcare system and reduce expenditures, which, at over 17 percent of GDP, are among the highest in the world, despite producing outcomes that lag most industrialized nations.

These efforts are being aided by an explosion of healthcare IT—from new insights into the human genome to the massive amount of data generated from clinical trials—demanding new automated ways to manage, track and deploy information.

That’s according to Randy Gaboriault, a member of Safeguard’s Advisory Board. From where he sits, smart information technology is critical to delivering intelligent care that will harmonize and coordinate medical processes, reduce medical errors, allow for quick adoption of new clinical research, all the while reducing overall costs and improving patient outcomes.

As an example, Gaboriault points to Sotera Wireless, a Safeguard partner company that has developed an ingenious wireless monitoring technology that allows doctors and nurses to keep a close eye on patient vital signs, achieving a higher level of patient care while making more efficient use of physician time.

“It’s just the kind of innovation that will revolutionize healthcare in the years to come,” says Gaboriault, “delivering real and sustainable cost savings while ultimately allowing us to live healthier, longer lives.”

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