Week in Review: VC Deployments and Deal Volume Grow by Double Digits in Q2 2012

Posted by | August 10, 2012

Amidst the quarterly earnings over the past few weeks, you may have missed the NVCA’s second quarter 2012 report on venture capital performance. The report found that VC deployments for the second quarter increased 17 percent in terms of dollar value to $7 billion and 11 percent in deal volume to 898 deals in the second quarter.

Much of that growth was fueled by early stage deals, which were at their highest since the first quarter of 2001, and the Internet sector, which rose 22 percent in dollars and 31 percent in deals. Analysts predict that if funding levels remain consistent, capital deployments for the year will fall somewhere between the $23 billion deployed in 2010 and the $30 billion deployed in 2011.

Here’s what our partner companies have been up to over the last two weeks:

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