Week in Review: The Role of CIO in Enterprise 3.0, Medivo Goes Mobile, and Alverix Adds Key Patents

Posted by | March 9, 2012

Readers of this blog are well aware that entrepreneurship is one of our key themes—from our partner company CEO Q&A Series to our book recommendations to NFTE Philadelphia, we strive to provide relevant information for growth stage companies.

A related term to entrepreneurship, which may not be as familiar, but is just as important, is intrepreneurship. Simply put, intrepreneurship is about innovating within a company. While there are a number of ways to add value and drive growth in a company, the adoption of new business models made possible by Enterprise 3.0 technologies is increasingly vital to a company’s success. Those opportunities should be on the radar of every CIO.

Phil Moyer, Managing Director, contributed an article to the Fortune Tech blog yesterday on how CIOs can keep their businesses competitive amidst the changing expectations and lower innovation costs ushered in by cloud and mobile technology. Head on over and give it a good read.

In partner company news…

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