Week in Review: What Happened in Vegas? CES Gave PixelOptics Rave Reviews!

Posted by | January 13, 2012

The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference wasn’t the only event on our radar this week. The 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, took over Las Vegas from January 10th to the 13th. About 140,000 attendees traveled to “sin city” to see the latest devices, services, and apps.

CES typically hosts previews of gadgets and new product announcements, and each year some big trends emerge—last year was dominated by tablets and 3-D TVs. In 2012, CES-goers had their fill of faster and bigger smartphones, ultra-thin laptops, and Web-connected TVs. As more and more of our content streams from the web to our TVs and mobile devices, video content will continue to explode. As a result, streaming video to personal devices is expected to create completely new advertising opportunities, which many of our partner companies are capitalizing on.

Last but not least, a pair of revolutionary eyeglasses were all-the-craze at this tech megaconvention. Attendees were surprised to find eyeglasses in the maze of gadgets, but the confusion soon turned to amazement as CES attendees tried on a pair of PixelOptics’ next-generation spectacles—emPower!. Featuring the most significant technological advance in prescription eyewear in the last 50 years, there was tremendous media coverage about emPower! and PixelOptics—New York TimesThe StreetComputerworld,VentureBeat, Los Angeles Times… and Connected Magazine listed emPower! as one of the top 5 freshest gadgets. Prior to CES, PixelOptics named Brett H. Craig President and CEO, marking an evolution of PixelOptics and the emPower! brand. Brett’s 14 years of experience and expertise in the optical industry will be invaluable for future success of the company.

In other partner company news:

Safeguard and our partner companies are off to a great start in 2012. To read more of our Week in Review series featuring recent news and updates, please use the following feed: www.safeguard.com/WeekInReview. Enjoy your weekend!

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