Week in Review: IPOs, Entrepreneurship and 40 Years Trading on the NYSE

Posted by | June 17, 2011

More IPO buzz this week. On Wednesday, its first day of trading, Pandora shares were as high as $26. The excitement dwindled a bit on Thursday, even dipping below its initial offering price at one point. There are already a lot of mixed reviews out there debating whether or not the debut price was inflated.

Another big name announced major news this week, as Google introduced “Me on the Web,” a new tool on the dashboard to manage your online identity. This will be interesting to follow and see if it takes hold, as it’s a unique play on privacy settings for personal social media applications.

It’s also been a busy few weeks for Safeguard and our partner companies.

Last week was the final round of the Philadelphia Chapter of NFTE’s annual business plan competition. The five competing high school students did a tremendous job sharing their ideas, and we at Safeguard want to congratulate them on building their businesses and making it to the final round. A special congratulations to first place winner Bianca Nieves and second place winner Viktor Vabishevich, who will be representing Philadelphia in the NFTE National Business Plan Competition this fall.

To read more of our “Week in Review” series, please use the following feed:www.safeguard.com/WeekInReview. Enjoy your weekend!

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