Swap Movement Comes of Age

Posted by | July 23, 2010

Swap Movement Comes of AgeFirst there was e-commerce, then online auctions, and then online classifieds for buying and selling used items. Now there’s an increasing demand for online trading, driven in no small part by an economy where consumers are spending less, searching for great deals, and wanting to be more environmentally friendly. Swapping is only the next logical step in Internet commerce.

Capitalizing on the “Swap Movement” that is taking on the nation and the world, Swaptree.com announced this week that it acquired the domain Swap.com. The company’s goal is to build the world’s biggest swapping site, expand its swapping capabilities to more categories beyond digital media, and to provide users with a “one-stop swapping” website where users have the ability to swap just about anything they want.

Swap.com will enable the company to attract a wider array of members, which means more items available for swapping. Stay tuned for more details as the company plans to debut its new, branded website over the next few months.

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