The Crazy Life of Business Development and Investor Relations

Posted by | March 12, 2010

We’ve all had one of those weeks when you need to read the newspaper to remember what city you are in and what day it is. It seems like I’ve been having one of those weeks for quite some time.

Our Business Development and Investor Relations calendars have been overflowing as a result of surging demand by investors to meet with Safeguard Scientifics’ management. We’ve traveled to New York, San Francisco, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, Orlando, Cleveland, Atlanta, and various cities in Florida to meet with brokers, analysts and portfolio managers. I haven’t seen activity like this since early 2007.

Peter is extremely supportive of our investor relations efforts. He is a great traveling companion and an accomplished public speaker. There’s an old adage about investors needing to look the CEO in the eye before they invest in a company. I am confident many investors have gained confidence in our strategy and vision after having had the opportunity to personally meet Peter during our recent travels.

The folks at Stifel Nicolaus have met Peter a few times. As a result, they published their thoughts in a research piece in February 2010 authored by their analysts Troy Ward and Greg Mason.

Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE: SFE) Publishing Analysts now include:

  • Boenning & Scattergood, William Sutherland, 610-862-5253 — Market Outperform Rating, $18 Target Price
  • CJS Securities, Robert Labick, 914-287-7699 — Market Outperform Rating, $16 Target Price
  • MDB Capital Group, Jon R. Hickman, 310-526-5024 — NAV estimate at roughly $610 million or $30 per share
  • Stifel Nicolaus, Troy Ward, 314-342-2714 and Greg Mason, 314-342-2194 — Buy Rating, $17 Target Price

Over the next couple months, Peter and I, as well as our CFO, Steve, will be back on the road going to California, Boston, New York, and London, to name a few cities.

Be sure to look us up. And if you can, please remember to bring me the local newspaper.

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