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Posted by | March 1, 2010

Welcome to Saefguard Scientifics' BlogHello, and welcome to the Safeguard Scientifics blog. The entire management team here is excited by the opportunities that this forum provides to enhance your understanding of Safeguard’s strategy, performance, and perspectives on the markets in which our partner companies operate. We hope you will visit our blog often for updates and insights into Safeguard and its investments.

As you may know, Safeguard’s goal is to build value in growth-stage life sciences and technology businesses by providing both capital and a range of strategic, operational, and managerial resources. Our vision is to be the preferred catalyst for creating great life sciences and technology companies. With a record of success that dates back to 1953, we believe that we have developed a winning formula that creates significant value for our shareholders.

Our success stems from finding and nurturing exciting growth-stage companies that have the opportunity to achieve significant growth. However, growth-stage companies are typically private, so information about them can be limited. We believe that Safeguard’s blog and other corporate disclosures will be excellent forums for consolidating valuable information about our partner companies, increasing transparency and achieving greater appreciation for their products, services and intellectual property. Our goal is to provide you with insights into our partner companies that leave you as excited about them as we are.

Part of that understanding will develop from your analysis of the information we provide about Safeguard, our partner companies and the markets they serve. But blogs and other social media outlets work best when they foster two-way communications. We encourage you to ask questions of myself and Safeguard’s executive team. We promise to listen and respond thoughtfully.

Again, welcome to Safeguard’s blog. We look forward to hearing from you and providing new insights into the value we are building for you and the rest of our shareholders. In the meantime, thank you for your confidence and support.

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