An Overview of Our Partner Companies

Posted by | February 23, 2010

Safeguard Scientifics’ strategy is to deploy capital in growth-stage companies in attractive sectors of the life sciences and technology industries. Within life sciences, we target Molecular and Point-of-Care Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Regenerative Medicine and Specialty Pharmaceuticals. Within technology, we focus on Internet/New Media, Financial Services IT and Healthcare IT. Overall, we are focused on businesses that operate in large and/or growing markets, have proprietary technology or intellectual property that creates a barrier to entry, have capital requirements of up to $25 million, and have a compelling growth strategy.

Below is an illustration of our various partner companies, broken out into their respective segments. The % represents the total amount of capital deployed in our partner companies, excluding Clarient, as of Q3’09. This overview of our partner companies should be helpful as you continue to learn more about how we are building value within and across our investments.

Safeguard’s strategy is to harvest the value we have created in these partner companies through any number of potential exit strategies, including IPO’s; mergers; or acquisition, by either strategic buyers or others, such as private equity firms.

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