Steven J. Grenfell, CPA

Steven J. Grenfell, CPA

Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Operations

Driving Company Value.

Drawing from his multifaceted background, Steve drives value for Safeguard’s shareholders by positioning partner companies for valuable exits and compliance.

At Safeguard, Steve leverages more than 25 years of professional financial experience in both public and private sectors. He works closely with Safeguard’s partner companies and has positioned many of them for valuable exits and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, ultimately driving value for Safeguard’s shareholders. In addition, Steve has focused on business restructurings, monetization and workouts. His background includes all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, corporate accounting, finance, operational accounting, treasury, risk management, strategic planning, workouts and shut downs in a range of industries including software and services, promotions, biotech, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, manufacturing and food processing. Steve currently is a member of the board at Safeguard’s partner companies AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions and NovaSom.

Prior to Safeguard, Steve provided financial and operational leadership as Chief Financial Officer of Safeguard’s former partner company, RealTIME Media, where he changed the business model from an Internet promotions application services provider to an Internet promotions agency. He raised capital in a Series B financing and hired a CEO while managing cash to plan, despite sales at 40% of the budget.

Previously, Steve was Executive Director of Clinical Development and Medical Affairs at AstraZeneca (NYSE: AZN) where he actively participated in all aspects of financial, clinical trial cost management, licensing, organizational structure and administrative matters for the U.S. clinical development team. Steve held several financial and operational positions with a pharmaceutical joint venture firm, a public oil and gas provider, and a privately held manufacturer and refurbisher of pay telephones. Earlier in his career, he was Audit Manager at Price Waterhouse, now PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, working with clients in various industries in both mid-market businesses and general audit. Steve earned his B.S. in accounting from King’s College.

"Whether helping to build out a management team, prioritize growth strategies, or execute various strategic initiatives, Safeguard provides active guidance and compelling resources for our partner companies through all stages of growth to exit."

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