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Safeguard's Strategic Perspective
Ben Kartzman, CEO, Spongecell

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Safeguard Serves Our Needs
Michael Smalls, CEO, Hoopla

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Safeguard: A Strategic Partner
Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath

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Safeguard's domain expertise is a cornerstone to build and maximize value.

access strategy

Turn strategy into execution with guidance from our seasoned team.

Access valuable insights from Safeguard’s Executives, Operational Team, Advisory Board and partner company alumni.

Having been on both sides of the table, we understand the challenges growth-stage companies face. Whether we’re helping you build out a management team, prioritize strategies, or execute an initiative with operational support, Safeguard is an active mentor and resource for growing companies. As a partner company, you can always tap into the insights and talents of:

Your Safeguard Access Advocate

This is your board representative throughout your partnership with Safeguard, who will provide active and continued guidance as needed while helping you identify opportunities to leverage our Access Platform, starting with your Strategy Activation Plan, developed from an initial meeting to collaborate on short- and long-term goals and priorities.

Safeguard’s Executives and Operational Team

Our entire team has deep domain expertise from careers as entrepreneurs, board members, financiers and operators. We understand what it takes to build a great company and can offer real-world insights.

Safeguard’s Advisory Board

With a broad range of highly specialized knowledge and operational expertise in their respective focus areas, our Advisory Board members are experts in their fields and can offer guidance to help you build your business.

Partner Company Alumni

Our partner company alumni have been through the process of building successful businesses and can share lessons learned on how to scale your business and increase market penetration.


*Source: Safeguard Scientifics 2011 Partner Company Survey