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Our Partnership with Safeguard
Sundeep Bhan, CEO, Medivo


How Safeguard Delivers Unique Value
David Roth, CEO, AppFirst

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Why We Chose Safeguard
Michael Smalls, CEO, Hoopla

Area of the East Coast Commercialization Corridor.

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We open opportunities to connect with
key customers

Safeguard’s location is strategically centered in the hub of commercialization, providing you with excellent opportunities to access potential customers.

The Northeast corridor is to commercialization what Silicon Valley is to engineers. If you’re going to sell something to a business, you’re likely going to travel to the Northeast. Safeguard is centralized in the heart of this rich commercialization region, where many top players of diverse industries are headquartered. Take advantage of a partner who has:

A Strategic Location in the Hub of Customers

Companies commercialize on the East Coast. Within a 300 mile radius of Philadelphia, you’ll find major cities where key customers are looking for new products and technology opportunities.

Entry Points Across Diverse Industries

East Coast companies span a wide range of industries that are critical to successful commercialization. Safeguard can help you gain access to customers in Financial Services, Healthcare, Media & Communications, Insurance, Government, Marketing, Telco, High Tech Manufacturing, Universities, and more.

Relationships with Top Executives

The operational expertise that our team has amassed provides you with access to an extensive network. Our connections with CXOs at top Fortune 500 enterprises provide warm entry points for partner and customer introductions.