Tap into the fundamental elements that build great companies.

The Safeguard Access Platform is designed to help our partner companies utilize the domain expertise and resources that Safeguard’s team has to accelerate growth and maximize value.

As an engaged and active partner in your company’s growth, Safeguard Scientifics empowers you with resources that build value throughout every stage of business development – and it comes from much more than just the capital we provide.

Building Great Companies Together

The Safeguard Access Platform is designed to help growth-stage companies gain access to new opportunities by leveraging our support in key business-building areas. Having been entrepreneurs, board members, financiers, managers and operators ourselves, the Safeguard team has amassed extensive experience, cultivated a deep network, and built an efficient platform of resources which you can utilize to build strategies, relationships, visibility and more.

Engage in Our Ecosystem

Whether connecting you to potential customers or helping to recruit highly skilled talent, we don’t just talk about value – we make it actionable. Based on the stage your company is in, Safeguard helps you identify key needs and opportunities, customizing our guidance and support to supplement your efforts and your plan for further growth.

Explore the elements that make up the Safeguard Access Platform – and learn more about the benefits you'll gain as a partner company when you engage the strategic resources we offer.